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A Pokémon-group where the specifics are very specific, and we're trying to collect some of the best pieces of Pokémon-art out there... ;)

Note: We have the right to decline both join requests and artwork if the art is not satisfactory enough. That is, we won't accept things that do not meet the criteria for being either moderate to high-quality art (in our opinion). Please do not flame and insult admins because of our decisions. Thank you.

For rules regarding art-submission, please look to the right of this box.

Feel free to donate points to this group at our admin's profile:… - Every donation helps us grow.
Founded 4 Years ago
Oct 4, 2012


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308 Members
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Rules for art submission!

We are a Pokémon group with specific art-submission rules.

Read this before submitting anything to the group! If you don't read this, you can't complain to the admins about the consequences that might arise.

That is to say, this is what you may submit in our group:
- Original artwork made by you.

- Pokémon that are officially released by Nintendo and Game-Freak.

- If you must insist on drawing trainers, they have to be official. That is, the human characters that are allowed are those from the animé and the games IF there's at least one official Pokémon in the artwork.

- Pokémon from all generations are welcome! Just make sure to place them in the correct folder.

- Submit Mega evolutions into the folder named "Mega evolutions".

- Any media (except cosplay, certain comics, and texts) is welcome so long as you've made the art yourself. That is, drawings (digital or by hand), sculptures, plushies, you name it, are welcome! :)

This is what you may NOT submit in our group:
- Art that you have not made yourself.

- Gijinkas, anthros, furries, or other things similar to those.

- Nudity/pornographic content is strictly prohibited. We want art for all ages.

- No Poké-fusions.

- "Imaginary" trainers (OC's). That is, your own trainer. Please, we are not interested in seeing your own character/trainer that you made up yourself. Keep to the official characters and Pokémon, please.

- Fakémon, fakemon. (Unofficial pokémon)

- Anything "Nuzlocke"-related. Includes comic strips!

- No cosplay, please.

- No "clones" (the terminology can be disputed here), that is... Major colour-alterations on official Pokémon, etc. For example, we do not want a blue Pikachu, a red Bulbasaur, or a yellow Charizard. This depends on the level of the "colour-alteration", so if you are not sure, contact us.

- No text submissions.

- Anything that is not Pokémon related. (No cross-overs. More info below)

Other than that, feel free to submit your beautiful art of Pokémon!

Note: We reserve the right to decline an artwork and new members if the art is not satisfactory enough. That is, we won't accept things that do not meet the criteria for being either moderate to high-quality art (in our opinion). Please do not flame and insult admins because of our decisions. Thank you.

I can't believe I have to say this, but: This group is for Pokémon-related art only. Don't submit My Little Ponies, Narutos, Digimon, and so forth. It doesn't matter if there is one Pokémon in the art, we aren't interested in anything but Pokémon in this group. I thought the name of the group was enough to hint at this as well as the rules above mentioning that this is a Pokémon group, but clearly not as I've received submissions with characters from the above mentioned series/games.

Furthermore, do not send in duplicate/multiple requests of the same work of art. This only takes extra time for the admins to go through, and we will only accept one of the pieces of art. Note that if this happens more than once, we will not accept any of your art.

If you break the rules we reserve the right to either:
- Not accept your art for a while.
- Kick you out from the group and/or ban you.

Hello everyone!

I am still feeling unwell, and I am on sick leave. I barely function doing day-to-day basics, so I apologise for my rare visits to dA. I try to log in a couple of times per month, but sometimes I can only log in once per month. I used to log in everyday when I started this group, but things have changed. I have tired myself out from excessive studying and working, and my body can't handle it anymore. Anyhow...

Of course, I noticed that the new starters for Pokémon Sun and Moon were announced a few days ago. I watched the video as soon as it was released, and I have to say that I am super excited for the new games! :iconiloveitplz: My starter Pokémon will be Rowlet - no matter what the evolutions look like. I really dislike both Litten and Popplio, so I won't change my mind. I am sure that they both will get cool evolutions, but as a bird lover, I have to choose Rowlet.

So: there's a new folder for Gen 7 in the group now! Sorry for the delay. But here it is, and since I can't move the order of the folders, you have to scroll all the way down in the list when submitting artwork to Gen 7. Just so you know :)

Here are some of the new pieces of art that members have submitted to the group (which I placed in the new folder myself since it was my fault):

foxlett's take on Litten:
Litten by foxlett

PrinceofSpirit's take on Rowlet:
Rowlet by PrinceofSpirits

SeviYummy's take on Litten:
Litten ( New Pokemon Starter! ) by SeviYummy

FeatherStitched's take on Litten:
Chibi Litten Plush by FeatherStitched

Pingwinowa's take on Rowlet:
Speedpaint Rowlet by Pingwinowa

homa-Nix's take on all three:
Starters 7 generation! by homa-Nix

CHOBI-PHO's take on all three:

I think all of these are truly beautiful, thank you for submitting them! :heart: Please submit artwork of only Popplio too, if you have them. We currently only have Popplio in artwork representing all three starters. I guess not as many like Popplio :lol:

Anyways, submit your art of the new generation into the "Pokemon, Gen 7"-folder. Thank you! :heart:
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FeatherStitched Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
I don't mean to spam but I was asked to resubmit something into the gen 7 folder, and it was only after I withdrew the original submission that I found I cannot access the Gen 7 folder at all, and because I withdrew the original I now cannot see the thread of comments regarding the issue. Has anyone else had this problem?
RadiantCharizard Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have fixed it now. Sorry for the long delay. I am really not feeling well, and I did not notice that the default setting was set to not letting members submit to new folders. That is really stupid, and I changed it. Sorry again for the delay.
FeatherStitched Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
That's alright, I figured that might be the issue, and I know that you don't get much chance to log in so I was OK waiting :)
Ryokara Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, thanks alot for sharing my art! I feel honored! Heart 
RadiantCharizard Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No prob! :)
jeaimelafrance Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi, will somebody accept my member request? :c
RadiantCharizard Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you would care enough to read the latest journal entry, you would see that I clearly am very busy at the moment. My master's thesis is obviously prioritized over managing this group. I am still managing the group, but not every day. You submitted your join request yesterday. I need to ask for a bit of patience. I can't be online all the time, especially not when I am (as I've already stated) working on my master's thesis.

I've checked your gallery, which I do with every member that wants to join. You are eligible to join by this group's standards, judging from what is on there at the moment. This process also requires a certain amount of time, and even if I wasn't working on my thesis, members would often have to wait a day or two for certain things to get submitted into the group. So: Welcome to the group, but please have a bit of patience in the future.
jeaimelafrance Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks, and sorry, but why isn't there replacing you? because as I see you are alone
RadiantCharizard Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is my group. I run it. And I'd like to keep it that way. No one is replacing me.
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coldfire0007 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
thank you for sharing my work ^^
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